Business Overview

Host a donation charity concert

We selected one Asian country could be supported by Korea government and conducted a charity concert, One & One concert twice a year since this 2019.

Social message delivery

Create a social atmosphere to protect the vulnerable and violence people

Support for medical expenses and tuition fees

Violence and abuse victims will be provided with an appropriate protection and treatment, so that they can be fully integrated into society.

Healing concert with K-Pop stars

‘Let’s fly One & One concert’ for victims of violence and abuse will be held every year starting from 2019.

The best K-Pop artists will perform on the exciting stage so that victims of violence and abuse can listen to exciting music and open their minds. In addition to the victims who are directly faced into violence or abuse, there will be also sharing co-atmosphere where they can enjoy with the young people living in the same generation all together.

The best line-up will pound your heart to hear only with the name!
Their passionate stages will soothe the tired minds of all and cure the wounded.

‘Let’s fly One & One concert’ has warmth and touch.
Throughout the performance, there will be a time for artists and audiences on stage to communicate with each other at eye level and communicate with each other.

Let’s fly together!