Launched C.A.C Organizing Committee

2019-05-06 05:43
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The C.A.C Organizing Committee was established.

The Republic of Korea M.I.C.E service group launched the C.A.C Organizing Committee for constructing concert and treatment experts for victims of violence and abuse, established a cultural therapeutic space and system, and developed educational and therapeutic programs. The C.A.C Organizing Committee will continue to carry out campaigns to prevent violence and abuse, create scholarships for children in difficult circumstances, and donate through facilities that protect children. CAC organizations have Yoo Kyung-sun Committee’s chief officer said "We will work to give a great impact to the people wounded in body and heart in the future in terms of domestic violence, sexual assault, school bullying, group violence, abuse, etc."

The C.A.C Organizing Committee will set up a charity concert every year and plan to send the fund raised through the event directly to the victim or victim protection facility where assistance is needed.

Violence or abuse is not a problem of our country alone. Violence or abuse is a big issue not only in Korea but also around the world. In case of Southeast Asia countries, where the awareness of human rights is low, the problem is even more serious. The C.A.C Organizing Committee will select one Southeast Asian country annually for donation, which will be relayed each year.