Introduce C.A.C Organizing Committee

Almost every day, there are articles about violence and abuse continuously, and it’s not an exaggeration. There is a voice from everywhere that they feel angry at the perpetrators and that they should be punished severely. However, they do not pay much attention to compensation for the victim and the wound healing.

The security company, Republic of Korea M.I.C.E service group, has been able to meet them in the past few years as they participated in events for abused child victims and found that they were not being adequately compensated or protected.

We have come to think that we want to be more active in helping victims of violence and abuse. It is our job not only to protect our customers from unexpected risks, but also to provide direct services to those in need and at risk.

Therefore, Republic of Korea M.I.C.E service group, has established the C.A.C Organizing Committee (Healing Concert with Asian Children) after a long period of preparation. The C.A.C Organizing Committee will hold events for victims of violence and abuse, delivering social messages and funding them directly. We will devote our utmost efforts to build professional structures, systematic treatment of victims, cultural treatment spaces and systems, educational development and cure programs.

In the future, the C.A.C organizing committee will cover the wounded victims to heal the pain, and we will keep their future & dream.



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