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Host a the first One & One concert - Sunday News

2019-05-06 05:41
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C.A.C Organizing Committee, held on May 24, 2019

Enter Article 2019.04.08. 14:12 [ Sunday News = Park Hee-sung reporter]


C.A.C Organizing Committee, May 24 in 2019, One & One concert will be donated annually to each Asian country in the form of relay every year.

The first Let's Fly - One & One concert will be held on the 24th of next month. C.A.C organizing committee to prepare a healing concert together and Asian children together with K-Pop singer - said he is "Let's Fly One & One concert” will be held in the Jangchung Stadium on Fri, next month of 24th.

The performance will be hosted by the C.A.C Organizing Committee and hosted by the Republic of Korea M.I.C.E service group. As the first year of this year, we will welcome the audience with thorough preparation and good contents.

The One & One concert is designed to comfort the neighbors who have been hurt by violence and abuse, and to make the world by protecting suffering neighbors for free.

The concert title, 'Let's Fly' contains the deepest desire for victims of violence and abuse that have been hurt but want to overcome the pain and fly towards their dreams.

The funds collected through the event will be donated to Korea and one Asian country, and this year, the Philippines will be the beneficiary.

"We are very pleased to have a healing concert for our neighbors after a long preparation," said Yoo Kyung-sun, chief officer of the C.A.C Organizing Committee." We will do our utmost to build a social safety network that will help victims and prevent violence. "

The C.A.C Organizing Committee is an organization which established to build a social safety net that protects and prevents the abuse from severe violence and abuse that is widespread in the society. It will select one of the countries of Asia every year to continue the donation event.

The Republic of Korea M.I.C.E service group as a security company, we have been continuing social activities such as conducting self-defense education for young people and participating in safety education for multicultural children. We are also planning various safety programs for Asian children in the future.

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