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Host 'the 1st Let's fly One & One concert'

2019-05-06 05:41
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[ News edu TV = Yuppan reporter] The first concert "Let's fly One & One concert" will be held to comfort the neighbors suffered from violence and abuse. The One & One concert will be held for the first time this year at the Jangchung Stadium in Seoul next 24th date. The concert will be hosted by the organizing committee of the C.A.C (Healing Concert with Asian Children) and hosted by the Republic of Korea M.I.C.E service group.

The One & One concert was designed to comfort the neighbors who were hurt by violence and abuse, and to create a world without any more suffering neighbors.

At the event, MAMAMOO and Song SoHee will showcase their colorful performances with top-notch K-pop artists to convey a message that everyone will make a safe and happy society. The admission fee is free and the funds raised through this concert will be used for victims of Korea and the Philippines both countries.

The C.A.C organizers said, "The victims are shrinking as if they were guilty of wrongdoing," said Yoo Kyung-sun, a chief officer of the Republic of Korea M.I.C.E service group. "I hope that many people will be interested in helping them to come to the world with confidence." I said.

The C.A.C Organizing Committee is an organization established to build a social safety network that protects and prevents the abuse from severe violence and abuse that is widespread in the society. It will select one of the countries of Asia every year to continue the donation event.

The Republic of Korea M.I.C.E service group as a security company, we have been carrying on social activities such as conducting self-defense training for young people and participating in safety education for multicultural children. We will hold various security camps and various safety programs for Asian children.


[Source] Free Charity Concert for Victims of Violence and Abuse Hold ' 1st Let's fly One & One concert'